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Post-production facilities

Gauteng’s facilities are equal to the best in the world. These include well established and equipped post-production digital facilities as well as audio, graphics and animation houses.

The province houses a Kodak-approved full service film laboratory, the only high-resolution facility working with Spirit Data cine, 24p and 3D graphics as well as Flame, Inferno and a Kodak lightning film recorder.

While the television system in South Africa is PAL, both PAL and NTSC post production can be accommodated. High definition transfers and recordings are also available.


Equipment rental companies in Gauteng offer the latest in camera, sound and lighting equipment. South Africa is able to compete on even terms with international rates, and in most instances offers greater value for money than comparative international budgets.


A to Z Guide to Studios in Gauteng
A to Z Guide to Studios in Gauteng

In early 2010 the Gauteng Film Commission (GFC) conducted a survey of the studio space available in the province and the facilities they offer local and international filmmakers.

The definition of "studio" is broad, and to cover all options would be impractical, so the survey focused only on studios able to offer services needed by the film and TV industry - cinematography, TV broadcasting and programme origination. The result is to comprehensive A to Z Guide to Studios in Gauteng, which can be downloaded in PDF format.

All the studios in the guide provide services to the film and TV industry, and the information is correct as of January 2010. However, the information is subject to change and details should be confirmed by the studios concerned.

Film and television studios in Gauteng

Do you have a studio that offers similar services? Contact us for inclusion in the next edition of the guide:

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