It is only by showing the economic value that accrues to the audio visual industries that the industry can successfully lobby for a more conducive environment for film.

So said Jacques Stoltz, Senior Manager: Marketing for the GFC, at the release of the 2008 Commercial Producers Industry Survey results in Johannesburg last week (25 November 2008).

"The fact that this is the fourth annual survey of the Commercial Producers Association of SA places this organisation ahead of other industry bodies. In an industry where sector intelligence is still inadequate, the CPA, with its limited resources, has managed to build up a clear and consistent profile of the commercials industry as well as its growth potential.

"This data is invaluable to us as we argue for greater provincial support and commitment to the film and TV industries. Only by showing the economic value which accrues to our sector can we lobby for greater access to locations and a more conducive environment for film," said Stoltz.

He added that research conducted by the GFC last year shows that the commercial sector contributes almost as much to the SA economy as do the TV and feature film industries.

"What the study reaffirms is not only the important economic contribution of the sector to Gauteng which has become a leading centre for the production of commercials  but also the significant contribution of the industry to related sectors such as tourism and hospitality," said Stoltz.