Sub urban has directed two commercials for the University of Johannesburg, with the first  geared to draw South African undergrads while the second focuses on the international market.

The commercial for the local market was created as a visual language that truly speaks to the target audience. "The approach is inventive and energetic, and has been complemented by equally emotive music and sound design," says Sub urban Director, Gareth Paul.

The storyline follows two teenagers walking through a non-descript landscape. Their mood is one of purpose and confidence. Architecture sprouts around them, transforming the screen into a city filled with movement, energy and design. This city gives birth to another layer of visual icons, grabbing the teenagers' attention as they see the names of the University's twelve faculties appear within the city's surroundings. After the scene transforms into a campus environment, the students climb a stairway leading into the university.

"The making of both commercials was a truly collaborative process with HKLM and everyone else involved. I worked closely with the agency to evolve the visual ideas and communication," Paul adds. He explains that two spots were shot in one day, using 23 different camera set-ups. "We shot live action on green screen and the rest was done in post by Velvet, creating a truly unique graphic look."

The international commercial boasts a mixture of live action and motion graphics animation, to create the environment of Johannesburg and represent its offerings. The City of Gold is portrayed as first world, brimming with opportunities. The visual language is poetic and experiential.

"The original music was created by Jazzworx, giving the commercials a unique sound bound to lure the target market," Paul concludes.

Source: Sub urban, Tel: +27 11 447 1963