Realtime Resources has announced that their site is now operational and available to subscribers. The website allows for anyone in the industry to subscribe free of charge and to showcase their talents, CV and availability through a real time diary. Producers are able to also subscribe and to use the resource for their crewing needs and more.

Realtime Resources is an interactive website that links all film and television resources (directors, camera crews, riggers, gaffers, script writers, actors, presenters, art directors, makeup and wardrobe artists, etc.) with producers. A major feature of the technology behind Realtime enables any producer to link up with subscriber’s personal real-time availability. This will enable any producer to book and plan his production around the availability of preferred crew, or in the case of an emergency to find available resources without hassles.

According to Realtime Resources the reaction to the launch has been phenomenal and hundreds of subscriptions have already been received from a large cross section of the industry.

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